Partnership with Parents                 

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Parents play a vital role in their child’s education and should be included in every aspect of their children’s learning. Parents have a wealth of knowledge and experience of their child and the success of children’s education depends, at least some part, on the involvement of their parents.

If a child sees their parent’s being enthusiastic about their education they will view it in a more positive light and be more receptive to learning.  As well as this, parents determine the child’s home life in which they spend most of their waking hours and they play a part in bringing education into the home and continuously encouraging children’s development at nursery, school and society.


This is why parents are vital partners in their children’s education and every effort should be made to engage and work with parents as this is one of the most vital parts in providing excellent education.

At Cherry Tree, we recognise the need for partnership with parents and want to involve all parents in every aspect of their child’s development to ensure high quality provision for the children in our care. We want to ensure all parents feel welcomed and invited to visit and talk to us at any time regarding their children’s education and care and we want to ensure that all parents are confident that they are able to bring their knowledge and experience into the care for their children.  Parents play a leading role in their children’s education and we want to ensure every parent understands the importance of the role that they play in the development of their children.

We want to ensure that you all know that we, and your child, treasure your input into the care that we provide for your child and we greatly enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences of your child with you.

Please be aware of how welcome you are in our setting!

Thank you!